Spa Inspirations Bath & Body Gift Box

Spa Inspirations Bath & Body Gift Box

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Are you looking for relaxation gift baskets for sale? If so, Best Spa Gift Baskets has just the selection you need!

For example, our Spa Inspirations Bath & Body Gift Box features a variety of lavender spa treatments that will leave the gift’s recipient feeling reinvigorated with soft, healthy-looking skin.

The basket includes a lavender gift box, a Rest & Relax bath pillow, terry cloth slippers and an aromatherapy drawer, as well as fragrant lavender soap, bath gel, body scrub, lotion and body spray. Not to mention a microfiber hand towel, decorated with sweet, beautiful flowers and greenery.

All in all, it has all that one would need to enjoy a day at the spa, or day of pampering right at home!

Includes a wonderful lavender gift box, Rest & Relax bath pillow, Terry cloth bath slippers, Aromatherapy drawer or room sachet, Yardley lavender soap, Lavender bath gel, Lavender body scrub, Lavender Body lotion, Lavender body spray, micro fiber hand and face twoel, decorated with greenery and flowers and topped with a handmade bow.. A true delight. (Of course this comes in the lavender scent.)