Mother's Day

by Brenda Dawless

Mother’s Day is a very special time of the year for Mothers, but what if you don’t have a mother, but have an aunt, grandmother, a sister or a foster parent that raised you and they were very good to you. Well, Mother’s Day is for them as well. My grandmother Goldie raised me and she was always there for me, parents/teachers meetings, school plays and dances. When I fell down and hurt myself she would kiss me and say it’s going to be OK. I have fond memories of my time with my grandmother there are so many memories but there one particular one that stands out. When I was little during the summer months at 3:00 pm, Goldie would take me to the park and she would sit on the bench and watch me play with the other children, I would ask her would she ride on the swings with me and she would, it was such a wonderful feeling to see her ride so high on the swings. We went to the park every day during the summer.

Goldie was there when I graduated high school and even though she wasn’t there for my college graduation or when I got married she was there in spirit. Even today my grandmother is with me every step of the way and I am very grateful to her for the life that I have now.
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God Bless!


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